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The Child & Youth Finance Movement has one central objective: increase the Economic Citizenship of children and youth. This means giving all children and youth aged 8- 18 the knowledge to make wise financial decisions , the opportunity to accumulate savings, and the skills to find employment, earn a livelihood and ultimately break the cycle of poverty.

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Banking the Next Generation

  • Social & Business Co-Creation: Call for the most innovative Social & Business co-creation projects in Europe! +

    Ready for a challenge? This might be the one for you! Ashoka, the Zermatt Summit Foundation, Fondation Guilé, DPD and Read More
  • Turning a part-time job into a business - Interview with the co-founder of Le Cico +

    In a seminar called “InnovAction Lab”(www.innovactionlab.org) , three Italian girls - Monica, Giulia and Valentina met each. They worked together on the Read More
  • Unlocking Creativity through Playing - Interview with Matteo di Pascale +

    This week we would like to present you our interview with Matteo di Pascale, a young Italian writer, designer and artist. He Read More
  • Failing My Way to Success +

    Barclay Okari Sharing His Entrepreneurship Story Experiencing instabilities earlier on in my life made me aware of my environment at Read More
  • Bankaroo – A Virtual Banking App developed by an 11 year old +

    Danielle wanted to build a website and a mobile application that will help parents teach kids about the value of Read More
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