CYFI, CBK and KBA hold stakeholder workshop on financial education in Pristina

In collaboration with the Central Bank of Kosovo (CBK) and Kosovo Banking Association (KBA), Child & Youth Finance International (CYFI) organized a stakeholder workshop on the national approach to financial education in the capital Pristina on 22-23 November 2016.

The workshop was hosted and held by the initiative of the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo and became the first national-level event on financial education in the country. The workshop was aimed at increasing awareness on financial education among national stakeholders, the roles that different stakeholders and organizations from various sectors can play in promoting financial education in Kosovo, and at determining ways of cooperation between public, private and civil society institutions in this sphere.

The workshop covered various aspects that can assist countries in fostering the development of the nationally coordinated approach to financial education, stakeholders' management, integration of financial education in the school curriculum, piloting SchoolBank project, best practices examples of financial education programs for youth and adults and many more. Moreover, the workshop also featured sharing the experience by experts from Bank of Albania, one of the most successful institutions in the region in promoting financial education, as well as provided a platform for local government, private and civil society institutions to share their experiences in financial education in Kosovo so far.

At the end of the workshop CBK and other stakeholders expressed the readiness to form a national platform for financial education in Kosovo, and cooperate closely on developing new educational programmes and campaigns, including Global Money Week campaign 2017. The platform would have an objective to serve as a space to exchange best practices, experiences and streamline and coordinate financial education initiatives in the country.

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