CYFI conducts workshop on active learning methods in Moldova

CYFI, together with its project partner the Institute of Educational Sciences of Moldova, held a Training in the field of financial education on implementing effective financial education and financial inclusion programs between the 23 -26 August 2016. The workshop took place at the Institute of Educational Science of Moldova and saw the participation of more than 25 teachers and representatives of the civil society organizations interested in implementing financial education and inclusion projects in the Republic of Moldova.

The current training focused on empowering teachers on delivering financial education using active learning methods. It provided the participants with a standard 14-hour educational module which can be used by the project partners involved in the implementation of the SchoolBank project. The training was delivered by CYFI staff and international consultant Paul Moclair on behalf of partner organization Aflatoun, as well as local experts from the Institute of Educational Sciences. They discussed the possibility of implementing financial education in the Moldovan national curricula as cross-curricular subject.

The workshop had the following objectives:

  • To present the concept of an integrated approach to financial education to local stakeholders;
  • To introduce the concept of Schoolbank and its various implementation options;
  • Discuss the existing financial education programs for children and youth in Moldova and the three ways to integrated financial education in the Moldovan schools: as cross-curricular subject, as a stand-alone subject under the social and financial education course, as an extra-curricular activity;
  • Discuss collaboration and further action plans for the implementation of financial inclusion and financial education programs for youth in Moldova.

Following the training, it is expected that more than five schools in the country will implement the educational materials provided. The workshop was conducted as part of the implementation of the Schoolbank pilot in the Republic of Moldova. It was supported by the European Fund for South East Europe, and in the framework of the project CYFI is implementing with its project partners from 9 countries within the ‘Visegrad 4 Eastern Partnership (V4EaP) Program - Flagship Projects’- "Transferring the experience of the Visegrad countries in the Eastern Partnership countries and the development of capacity and technical expertise in the field of financial education for children and youth", supported by International Visegrad Fund.

CYFI would like to thank the project partner the Institute of Educational Science of Moldova for its continuous support and collaboration in the implementation of projects aimed at enhancing the financial literacy of children and youth in the country.

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