These Endorsements set benchmarks for Economic Citizenship Education (ECE) programs and Child and Youth Friendly financial products.

  • CYFI invites organizations commited to promoting economic citizenship to have their product or curriculum endorsed.
  • The product asssesment benchmarks financial products for children and youth against the Child & Youth Friendly Banking Principles, looking at the availability, accessibility and affordability amongst other topics.
  • The curriculum assessment benchmarks educational materials against the Economic Citizenship Education Learning Framework, looking at the incorporation of the three components: 1) financial education, 2) social education, and 3) livelihoods education.

How does it work?

If the product or curriculum passes the assessment, you receive an assessment report and an endorsement logo for promotional purposes.

Examples of endorsements

Bank of Moscow

‘Social Card of Muscovite’

A multifunctional card designed for primary, secondary students of public and private state-accredited educational institutions.

Endorsed in 2015



Aflatoun International

‘Aflatot’, ‘Alfatoun’ and ‘Aflateen’ curricula: educational materials designed for 3-6, 6-14 year and 14-18 year olds.

Endorsed in 2016


‘Money and Youth’ curriculum: educational materials designed for 14-18 year olds.

Endorsed in 2016

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Read more about the Endorsement Process HERE.


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